I’m back on TechWow!

After a long Hiatus of almost two months, I am back to posting on this blog!

I am sorry to disappoint all my followers, but allow me to explain.

There has been an exciting career change for me — I just joined the CeBIT Team in India and now manage CeBIT Global Conferences India.

I am responsible for the Conference Program, conference architecture, speakers, topics, tracks etc.

That’s a lot of work to be done and the expectations are really high. So CeBIT India will be the largest project in my 20 year career!

Please visit http://www.cebit-india.com and also participate in our social media activities on Facebook, Twitter etc.

And if you want to visit CeBIT in India — or speak at CeBIT India, you will find all the details on the CeBIT India site.

We are opening the Call for Speakers next week, here: http://www.cebit-india.com/callforspeakers

Hope to see all my followers at CeBIT India — Nov 12 – 14, 2014 Bangalore International Exhibition Center

Warm regards

Brian Pereira






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