CeBIT India reaches out to small and medium companies

I’m glad that CeBIT India is not just another conference with speakers and topics — it goes beyond that.

On attending a press conference in Bangalore this week, I learnt that CeBIT India wants to be a platform to promote industry, innovation, and Indian talent.

The story on the partnership between CeBIT India, IESA and MAIT appeared in many publications. Sujith John and Shilpa Phadnis of the Times of India wrote a very aspiration type story, ‘CeBIT hopes to bring tech biggies to Bangalore’. But yes, we will see speakers of that caliber at CeBIT India. It is my job to ensure that (with the support of my A-team).

Now coming to this week’s announcement about the partnership between MAIT and IESA.

CeBIT signed an MoU with IESA (Indian Electronics Semiconductor Association) and MAIT (Manufacturers Association of Information Technology) this week to promote the ESDM (Electronics System Design and Manufacturing) sector in India. And how exactly will it be doing this?

Well you see, both bodies have a number of members from companies of all sizes. Some of these companies are start-ups or so small, that they would not be able to fund themselves for individual partnership at CeBIT. But by coming in through MAIT or IESA, they are getting an opportunity to present themselves to the world, through the CeBIT platform — at a very low cost.

So essentially, they will be part of the MAIT or IESA pavilion at CeBIT — showcasing their innovation to international businesses that are visiting CeBIT. That’s a pure B2B opportunity!

Rahul Gupta, Chairman, SME Chapter, MAIT also heads a company called Smile Security and Surveillance Pvt. Ltd ( His company is participating at CeBIT through MAIT.

Gupta says: “I feel that this is a very big opportunity for a small SME company like me to showcase myself to the world — at a very special rate — through MAIT”.

I feel that CeBIT India needs to look at more such “clusters” and theme based pavilions to get more companies to come and participate in the Expo at CeBIT India (November 12 – 14, 2014, Bangalore International Exhibition Center).



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