Four theories for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

It’s been three days since Flight MH370 went missing, and the search operations continue. There was a flicker of hope when search patrols identified an oil slick and something that looked like an airplane door. But on closer inspection, it was determined that these were not from Flight MH370.

MalaysianSince the air controllers did not receive a distress signal, one theory is that the plane disintegrated at its cruise altitude — possible due to an explosion. If that actually happened, there would be debris spread over a wide are.

Another theory is that the airline was hijacked — two passengers were travelling on stolen passports. But that isn’t rare in this part of the world. If Interpol could determine the actual identities of these two passengers, it might offer some useful leads.

One theory that no one has written about yet, is a possible landing of the aircraft on a remote island — or on water. You have to see the film Airport 77 to believe this. Hijackers could have forced the plane to fly at a low level to avoid detection on radar, and then landed it somewhere. I tend to believe this, especially after reading that relatives of the missing passengers attempted to call them on their phones, and found their phones ringing, albeit unanswered.

And yet another theory is that they are searching in the wrong place. The aircraft could have changed course and ended up far from where they are searching.

Well, search teams have widened the radius of the search area, and we should be hearing some news about the missing plane soon.

Regardless of which theory is true, I do pray and hope the passengers of Flight MH370 are safe and alive.


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