How will LinkedIn ensure quality post in Influencers section?

Now that LinkedIn has decided to open up its publishing platform, everyone on LinkedIn can be an “influencer”.

But the question is, how will LinkedIn separate quality posts from thought leaders, like say, Richard Branson from those of Joe Simple (LinkedIn member)?

This article answers the question to a certain extent.

One thing that LinkedIn could do is to have a ratings system (just as we have hub points here!) Another way to whet the quality is to see the number of likes, number of shares and of course, the number of connections.

Professional titles and experience in a particular field are also parameters to consider for the ratings system.

Another question that comes to mind: Who really ‘owns’ the article that I post on the LinkedIn Influencer page? What if I am re-posting an article from my own site or blog? And what rights does LinkedIn have to syndicate my article (for a fee) to other publishers?

To really get to the bottom of it, you’d need to understand the intricate differences between PAID, EARNED and OWNED media.

Let’s wait and watch.


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