CES: What Intel wants to be….

As the first reports of the International Consumer Electronics (CES) show trickle in, the one that caught my attention was the report on Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich’s pre-show keynote http://www.intel.in/content/www/in/en/events/intel-ces-keynote.html.

IntelI have seen people wearing T-shirts and caps with the Intel Inside logo, and ironically, that may literally become true in a few years! Yes, we’ll probably have Intel powering pacemakers, personal wearable health monitors, or just an Intel chip embedded under our skin.

So  Krzanich wants to change Intel (and its image) — from being a chip maker for PCs and servers to a technology innovator like Apple, HP  or Xerox. The Intel lab technicians in their bunny suits (Intel Bunnyman)  are obsolete — here come the technocrats and their cool gadgets!

But I think what Intel is really getting to is the democratization of technology. Technology is for everybody and should integrate seamlessly into our lifestyle.

Old tech giants have been slow to adapt to the new technology like cloud, social, mobile and big data. And Intel completed its transition to the cloud, internally only in 2012-13.

The world of technology is changing — PCs are fading out and mobiles are in. What you could do on a PC is now possible on a handset. Multi-core processors, HD graphics and PC-like games are now available on mobile platforms.

Qualcomm stole a march on Intel on the mobility platform.

Intel should learn from its mistakes and move quickly to catch the next wave of opportunity — which is wearable computing devices.


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