The Final Countdown

As I write this, we have 7 weeks and 4 days to go for the TFM&A Conference. At this point there’s a beehive of activity behind the scenes to put together the conference. Internally, we have different teams of people driving booth sales, sponsorships, strategy,  marketing, event promotion, social media, delegate sales (visitors), conference program, partnerships & affiliations, and operations. It’s akin to launching a space ship — teams of people at mission control working on a plethora of systems, in perfect coordination. Everything’s mission-critical and has to be perfect.

Looking around, I have to commend the hard work put in by my co-workers here at UBM India (Tech Media). All these folks have given it their best shot to put this show together — simultaneously working on other shows (like 4G World, INTEROP, IGD, and Cloud Connect India) that we do here at UBM Tech Media. I am proud to be working with such a talented team!

Our TFM&A website ( looks beautiful with its orange, rust, beige, grey, and navy blue livery (logo and colors) — with all the speaker photos jumping out of the home page. Scroll down the page and read our speaker articles, or watch our speaker videos (more coming in the next few weeks).

Our speaker line-up is looking strong too. Do take note of the recent addition of keynote speaker Nellie Chan, Director – Marketing Solutions, South East Asia and North Asia, LinkedIn. We waited months for this to happen and the patience paid off!

I also welcome Varun Sharma, Industry Head, E-commerce, Google India, who has just joined our e-Commerce panel discussion that’s moderated by Deepa Thomas, eCommerce Evangelist, eBay India.

It’s also wonderful to have Romi Mahajan, President KKM GroupAnkur Warikoo, CEO, Groupon India, and Kunal Bahl, CEO, Snapdeal. A few days ago Snapdeal received $50 million in funding from eBay. So I am hoping Kunal will elaborate more on this during his Fireside chat with Romi Mahajan, right after the first keynote.

Sundeep Kapur, Evangelist, NCR is also speaking on day 1. We had a warm long-distance chat the other day about different issues. Every time I speak to Sundeep, I learn something new — he has diverse knowledge and is well traveled.

Jessie Paul, the CEO of Paul Writer, is busy putting the finishing touches to her very own magazine for CMOs. I am happy to have Jessie moderate our CMO-CIO panel discussion. On one of my follow up calls to Jessie I learned about the challenges (and platform shortcomings) of launching a magazine on the Digital platform. Jessie also authored the book “No Money Marketing” on frugal marketing.

If you go through our conference agenda, you’ll notice that we have CMOs and Brand Managers speaking in the general sessions and on the panels. There’s also a session exclusively for CMOs on the agenda.

Conference Programme

If you plan to visit our conference, don’t miss our knowledge sessions in Theater Two. We have Aaron Kahlow from the Online Marketing Institute doing a workshop titled, “Global Social Media, Meet Local ROI: The Secrets to the Strategic Thinking & Tactics Driving Social Success Across the World“. And Pradeep Chopra, CEO & Co-founder, Digital Vidya is leading a workshop titled “Digital Marketing for Customer Acquisition.”

Pradeep tells me that organizations tend to use social media mainly for brand communication. But how do you use it to acquire new customers or to get repeat orders from existing customers? Attend this workshop and learn to use Social Media to analyze customer behavior and customer sentiment. The case studies that Pradeep is doing during his workshop are sure to throw light on many of the challenges that marketers face today with this medium.

Scroll to the bottom of the TFM&A site and you’ll see logos of all our partners, notably the CMO Council of India and DMAI (Direct Marketing Association-India). I also welcome our other partners.

Well, with the pace picking up and something new happening here every other day, I am sure I will have more exciting news to share with you in my next TFM&A blog — a fortnight from now. By then we’ll be much closer to launch, and our baby would be on the launch pad, all systems go!

(The Final Countdown is a song written and performed by the 80s band, Europe).

Brian Pereira

Conference Chair – Tech conferences

UBM India


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