The next big thing: Just in time info

Every few years we have a product or service that is revolutionary and which becomes part of our lifestyle. We had the invention of the steam engine, the motor car, the gramophone, film camera, tape recorder, radio, TV, VHS, the Walkman, Internet, PC, digital camera, mobile phone, digital music player, and now social media (to keep this short I won’t mention other notable inventions in travel and medicine).

So at the start of 2012, everyone’s wondering what’s the next big thing? the next killer app or product?

Human beings are making decisions sub-consciously and consciously all the time. And for this we need accurate, relevant and updated information — in real-time.

The key words here are: “in real-time”.

So I think the next big app would be some kind of news or information subscription services that pushes information from our preferred channels, to our devices (mobiles, TV, Tablets etc).

Suppose you are called to make a presentation with no advanced notice, chances are you’d have little time to research the topic on the Internet.

But if this information can be pushed to your device, and if it is well structured, you could be informed — just in time!

So the next big thing, in my opinion, is just-in-time, real-time and updated information that’s of high relevance to you.

Happy 2011!




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